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Fri. Apr 25th 2014
Driver Training

Mon. Apr 28th 2014
Burn Building

Fri. May 2nd 2014
Burn Building

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Sun. Mar 30th 2014

BARKING DOG AND SMOKE ALARM SAVES TWO SPENCER COUNTY MEN Thursday at 2:37 am the Taylorsville-Spencer County Fire Distri...

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Tue. Mar 25th 2014
Volunteer Firefighter Staffing

We have reached our maximum level of staffing with 60 members.  We recommend anyone wishing to serve as a volunteer fire...

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Tue. Mar 18th 2014
Political Activites

Some candidates for elected office have asked to speak to our members during or at the end of a training session.  Our l...

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Taylorsville-Spencer County Fire Protection District
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General Requirements

  • Shall not be substituted for trained of age personnel
  • Shall not use tobacco, alcohol products or illegal drugs of any type
  • Shall not drive fire department vehicles
  • Shall not be permitted to drive directly to any incident scene unless determined by department SOP's
  • Shall be of age 14-17
  • Shall be completed both an application and parental consent form
  • Shall be issued full PPE

Educational Requirements

  • Shall have graduated from high school or be enrolled in school and meet the attendance requirements as set forth by federal
  • Shall maintain a cumulative GPA of at least the equivalent of the letter "C" (2.0) in all core curriculum
  • Shall not participate in any fire department activities during regular school hours unless an authorized school function

Training Requirements

  • Age 14 are only permitted to attend classroom training and observe the skills and/or hands-on portion of the training evolutions
  • Age 15-17 when properly equipped with PPE are permitted to participate in classroom and/or skills/hands-on training evolutions in the following areas:
  • A. Administration & Orgaization
  • B. Safety
  • C. Communications
  • D. Fire Behavior (Shall not include live fire evolutions)
  • E. Portable Extinguishers (Using a burn pan no larger than 36" X 36" only)
  • F. Personal Protective Equipment
  • G. Forcible Entry (May include power/hydraulic tools when under direct instructor supervision)
  • H. Ventilation (May include power saws when under direct supervision and when secured with fall protection)
  • I. Ropes (May include high angle awareness level evlutions when using NFPA approved standards and equipment)
  • J. Ladders (Shall include the usage of a ladder belt or safety harness for fall prevention)
  • K. Hose/nozzles/appliances (not to exceed hand lines greater than 2 inchs.
  • L. Foam (Shall not include live fire evolutions)
  • M. Fire Control (Shall not include live fire evolutions)
  • N. Salvage (Shall be under direct instructor supervision)
  • O. Overhaul (Shall be under direct instructor supervision)
  • P. Emergency Medical Care (CPR and First Aid)
  • Q. Rescue ( Shall not include ice, swift water, or dive response training conditions.  Such training classes as but not limited to trench rescue, confined space, high angle awareness level, collapse, and extrication may be permitted when under direct instructor supervision.)
  • R. Water Supply
  • S. Sprinkers
  • T. Hazardous Materials (SHall not be subject to any immediate danger to life or health atmosphere, however simulated hot zone training may be permitted.)
  • U. Fire Prevention/Public Education
  •  V. Building Construction
  • W. Aircraft Crash/Fire-Rescue (Shall not include live fire evolutions)
  • X. Emergency Disaster Planning
  • Y. Fire Investigations (SHall not include any IDLH atmosphere)
  • Z. Pump Operations
  • CC. Drivers Training (Shall only be by a licensed driver and only on a closed cone course under direct instructor supervision.)
  • FC Survival and Rescue
  • FC. Wildland Awarenss (SHall not include live fire evolutions.)


Recent Calls

Mon. Feb 3rd 2014
Past Emergency Calls

1-18-2014  Elk Creek Road  Smoke in the house1-22-2014  Mill Road  Mutual aid to assist Mount Eden Fire o...

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Thu. Jan 16th 2014
Past Calls

1-15-2014  Medical Call  Skyline Drive1-16-2014  Medical Call  Elk Creek Road1-16-2014  Medical...

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Tue. Jan 14th 2014
Past Calls

1-12-2014 Injury Accident  Mount Washington Road1-13-2014  Extrication  Indian Ridge Court1-14-2014  Plug...

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